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Kids In The Hall's Scott Thompson added to NBC's Hannibal and—wait, what?

Illustration for article titled em Kids In The Hall/ems Scott Thompson added to NBCs emHannibal/em and—wait, what?

With a cast that so far includes Mads Mikkelsen as the youngish cannibal psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, Hugh Dancy as the criminal profiler who naively works alongside him, Laurence Fishburne as their supervisor, and Wonderfalls' Caroline Dhavernas as a consulting psychologist, NBC's Hannibal has now rounded out its cast with Kids In The Hall alum Scott Thompson and—wait, what? According to The Hollywood Reporter who is serious with this, Thompson will join the Silence Of The Lambs prequel in the recurring role of Jimmy Price, a member of Fishburne's crime scene investigation unit, and a guy who looks a lot like Kids In The Hall alum Scott Thompson yet hardly ever delivers comically flamboyant monologues. It's the rare dramatic role for Thompson, whose forays into that world have thus far mostly included gay-themed indies like Shifting The Canvas and various sketches starring Francesca Fiore, and whose name we certainly were not expecting to see anywhere near a Silence Of The Lambs TV show, so that's something. Anyway, Bleeding Cool has some early set photos of Thompson actually working on Hannibal and not even kidding about it.


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