As Buddy Cole once told us on The Kids In The Hall, ever since he quit smoking he’s had a renewed interest in athletics—well, athletes. And seeing as he’s not too busy coaching Sappho’s Sluggers—and also, he’s a fictional character played by Scott Thompson, so his schedule is pretty fluid—who better for The Colbert Report to send to Sochi, to investigate Russia’s anti-gay attitude and their effect on the Winter Olympics? Last night saw the first installment of Buddy Cole’s probe, wink wink, of the myriad holes, nudge nudge, in the nation’s ridiculously vague laws banning gay “propaganda,” with Cole talking to a visibly confused U.S. Ambassador Dan Baer. Tonight, Buddy is having a smart cocktail with the U.S. Men’s Speed Skating team, all hopefully leading to an episode where he and Vladimir Putin abscond to Buddy's chalet together.