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Kid’s go-kart goes apeshit, spinning him through time and space

Screenshot: YouTube
Screenshot: YouTube

Before this week, the internet’s greatest go-kart-related phenomenon involved Tony Danza, who once took a hilarious and horrific-looking tumble in the days when he still hosted his own daytime talk show. Well, step down, Tony, because you’ve just been usurped by this human fidget spinner.

So captivated was the internet by the above footage that a few intrepid souls have made their own remixes. Some are simple, like the one layering in Hans Zimmer’s “Interstellar docking theme.”

Others are kind of eerie, like this one that finds a school of Asian carp summoning Go-Kart Kid from the heavens.

None, however, will be able to top the below video, which sets Go-Kart Kid on a kaleidoscopic journey through time, space, and meme culture. The boy is first sucked into a black hole, then spun off onto the heads of a cat, a basketball player’s nimble finger, and a break dance competition.

Why couldn’t Interstellar have been that?

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