Photo: Kevin Kane / Getty

American badass Kid Rock has been out here kicking the shit out of P.C. culture and other candyasses for decades, thanks to his driving blend of hard-rock, country, sometimes rap, and official, branded beer. (It’s called Badass Beer, because it is by and for badasses.) The Kid has delivered rock-solid fuck-yous to Seth Rogen, Michael Moore, and anyone who thinks he, Kid Rock, shouldn’t wave the Confederate Flag, because the Kid is a badass. As such, he supports Badass-in-Chief-Elect Donald Trump, because fuck you.

A few weeks ago, a photoshopped image made the rounds of the Kid killing it at some outdoor rib festival with a sick fedora, rainbow-hued aviators, and a shirt that clearly marked red states as American, while blue ones were annexed as part of a new sovereign state called Dumbfuckistan. At the time, that shit was not real, but now, that shit is real. As Fusion reports, the badass that puts the “man” in “American” has begun selling the shirt on his official store, along with some other extremely antiestablishment shit that will make the mainstream media’s head spin. Prepare to leave your safe space—permanently:


Simple and effective—don’t fuck with this shirt-wearer. Here’s the trenchant political cartooning that got this whole bad motherfucking business started:

Any fan of Rock’s take-no-prisoners brand of adult-contemporary pop-rock knows he’s not afraid of breaking a couple eggs in order to make a kickass omelet, as this other tee also proves:


Aww yeah. Time to start calling him “Ki,” baby— “Ki Rock!” Because his penis is also in hater’s mouths, like Donald Trump’s!

As the store notes, pretty much any of these shirts can be delivered by December 23, so you can still make the dream of watching chickenshit haters throughout the family get their much-deserved comeuppance on Christmas morning, in 100 percent motherfucking cotton.