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Kid Cudi to fill important Entourage role of being yelled at by Jeremy Piven

As you will recall from the final episodes of Entourage—or from reading of his adventures in the Entourage: Annals Of The Assistants And The Tale Of Years appendices—put-upon assistant Lloyd suddenly found himself promoted to agent, where he could at last receive the homophobic insults of Ari Gold in a nicer office. With Lloyd promotion leaving a void—one that Jeremy Piven’s character might humorously suggest Lloyd is aching to fill with his gay penis, were he not now left shouting at nothing—the Entourage movie that definitely needs to happen must replace him.

So it’s cast that role with Kid Cudi, or as he’s known when appearing in movies like the upcoming Need For Speed, Grown Man Actor Cudi. The rapper will now fulfill Ari’s requirement for someone to berate, as well as the show’s requirement to always have a rapper around—just in case Turtle doesn’t have an idea for selling fried clams to basketball players (or whatever). And so balance is restored to the Entourage universe, and one more obstacle is removed from Vince doing the movie about doing the movie.


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