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Kick-Ass 2’s director is rewriting the Masters Of The Universe movie

Illustration for article titled iKick-Ass 2/i’s director is rewriting the iMasters Of The Universe/i movie

There are some dumb cartoons from the ’80s that don’t deserve a movie. Nobody is lining up to see Challenge Of The Gobots, M.A.S.K., or The Real Ghostbusters on the big screen, and for a while it seemed like—its 1987 Dolph Lundgren incarnation notwithstanding— He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe was destined to miss out on this current renaissance of bad ’80s cartoons being adapted into movies. But, by the power of Grayskull, a new He-Man movie might actually come out, after years of talk about it.


As reported by Variety, Jeff Wadlow, the director and writer of Kick-Ass 2, has been brought in to re-write the latest draft of Sony and Mattel’s long-simmering adaptation. There’s still no director officially attached, but considering the subject matter, maybe the studio could look into 300: Rise Of An Empire’s Noam Murro. He has experience working with shirtless guys fighting monsters, which is really all you need.

Obviously, there are still no concrete plot details, other than the movie will focus on Prince Adam—who may or may not be He-Man, a muscle-y warrior who looks exactly like him—battling the forces of the evil Skeletor. Since there are still plenty of finer details to work out, Wadlow would be wise to avoid the problems that have plagued other recent movie versions of ’80s cartoons. For example, he shouldn’t give weird noses to characters that already had perfectly fine ones, and he should definitely make sure to have enough women involved. (Though actually, this being He-Man, it probably doesn’t need that many.)

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