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KFC carved a meteorite into the shape of a sandwich, and you can buy it for $20,000

Photo: KFC Ltd.

If you’re wealthy enough to collect space objects, but foolish enough to destroy their value by ironically shaping them into fast-food sandwiches, we have fantastic news for you. KFC launched an online store today called KFC Ltd., selling Etsy-level twee merchandise such as socks printed with fried chicken drumsticks, a necklace emblazoned with its “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan, and a pillowcase with Colonel Harlan Sanders dreamily staring into your eyes.

One object for sale is what the site claims to be an actual piece of meteorite—but rather than selling this space rock in its original, unaltered, shaped-by-billions-of-years-of-hurtling-through-our-cosmic-void state, the company has repurposed it into a 9.5-pound object fashioned like a KFC Zinger sandwich. And it can be yours for just $20,000. Imagine! Curious visitors will forever ask about this chicken sandwich rock on your desk, marvel at its novelty, then internally question your capacity to make purchasing decisions. “Ironic art for $20,000,” they’ll quietly think. “Can’t you just take a level one improv class?”


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