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"Key screenwriter" Tony Gilroy returns to work on fourth Bourne movie

Both director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon have been less than enthusiastic about a fourth film in the Jason Bourne series, but it’s possible they’ll be swayed by the news that “key screenwriter” Tony Gilroy is currently working on the script. Gilroy is the one responsible for all three of the previous Bourne films, and along with his work on the next installment, tentatively titled The Bourne Legacy (which is not based on the 2004 novel by Eric Van Lustbader), Gilroy has been tapped to write what’s being called the “Bourne Bible,” presumably to help future generations of writers and directors churn out Bourne movies long after we’ve all returned to the dust from whence we came. Universal has also rehired producers Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley to produce Bourne Legacy for a 2012 release, and while neither Greengrass nor Damon have officially signed on yet, Deadline’s Nikki Finke explicitly calls Damon “an idiot” for even thinking about sitting this one out.


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