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Key and Peele to provide live commentary about Sunday’s “big game”

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as Lee and Morris on Real Talk

With Super Bowl 50 now only five days away, it’s time to prepare ourselves for all of the competitive advertising and related content, while also hoping for the introduction of another awkwardly-dancing killing machine at halftime (no, not Katy Perry). There will of course be several sanctioned spots from automakers and beer companies, like Honda’s ad about Queen-loving sheep, featured during the broadcast. But Squarespace, whose previous Super Bowl ad promoted Jeff Bridges’ efforts to put people to sleep, is augmenting its presence this year with a little help from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

Mashable reports that Squarespace has recruited Key and Peele to provide live commentary of the Super Bowl, which the duo will do in character as Lee and Morris, two aspiring sportscasters from Atlanta who have put together just enough money to buy a website (you can probably guess from where) to set up a livestream of their colorful commentary on the big game. But there’s a significant catch, as the NFL is rather proprietary about the Super Bowl trademark and logo, so Key and Peele won’t be able to refer to the game by name—not without incurring penalties, that is.


Still, we’re confident that the comedy duo, who recently shared their cat-related heroics in the trailer for Keanu, will find some way to discuss the gridiron action of the “big game” during their improvised livestream without invoking the Trademark That Must Not Be Referenced Without Express Written Consent. Here’s Lee and Morris’ faux press conference for their faux sports show, which will be available on Squarespace on Sunday.

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