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Kevin Williamson creating Fox drama about a social networking-based cult of serial killers

Having helped The CW become the destination network for people who want to see vampires and witches doing it, Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle executive producer Kevin Williamson will expand his television empire to Fox with a show about serial killers, who may or may not do it. What is known is that the pilot involves a serial killer who uses social media to recruit and direct a cult of other serial killers—a sort of Twitter-based Charlie Manson, we guess, which seems like the inevitable culmination of all those recent “flash mob” incidents. As Deadline reminds us, Williamson was mixing serial killers and hot young people in Scream way before he got into supernatural romance, and this as-yet-untitled drama is his original pitch, so it definitely seems up his alley. It also seems likely to cause a lot of preemptive panicking from parents’ groups, which should be fun to watch.


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