House Of Cards

Taking on the mentorship duties for a growing Baby Driver—teaching them baby parallel parking, baby basic maintenance, baby title transfers and registration—is no easy task, but it looks like director Edgar Wright may have found someone up for the job. According to Deadline, Kevin Spacey is in talks to co-star in the Shaun Of The Dead director’s latest film, where he’d play the leader of the criminal crew that employs infantile motorist Ansel Elgort.

Spacey would be joining a cast that already includes Jamie Foxx, Lily James, and Jon Hamm, for Wright’s Drive-ish story of a getaway driver who ends up in hock with a criminal kingpin. The movie will be Spacey’s second-baby related title in the last year, suggesting a new, tiny niche for the House Of Cards actor to nestle into; he was cast in an animated film, Boss Baby, alongside Alec Baldwin last September. (He’s also going to play a talking cat, who was presumably at some point a talking kitten, if we really want to make this baby thing stretch.)


But all babies—boss, driver, cat, or otherwise—must some day grow, and so Spacey will also be graduating from infant to toddler, with a role in Billionaire Boys Club, also starring Elgort. Rather than being a remake of Richie Rich, though, the movie will tell the real-life story of a Los Angeles investor and fraudster who eventually murdered one of his big-money clients; Spacey would play the big fish in question. (And presumably star in Marvel’s (imaginary) Baby-Fish-Cat Boy when it comes out some time in 2023.)