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Kevin Sorbo accused of sexual harassment by former co-star Haley Webb

Photo: Vivien Killilea (Getty Images), Loreen Sarkis (Getty Images)

Earlier this week, former Hercules actor-turned-conservative and religious movie strawman Kevin Sorbo drew attention to himself online, criticizing the forces of feminism for refusing to speak out in support of soon-to-be-departing White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. A great many people criticized Sorbo for his comments, but one took it to a much more specific and detailed place: Actress Haley Webb, who starred with Sorbo in 2015's Single In South Beach, and who has now accused the actor of propositioning and sexually harassing her on the set of a film.


Webb—who also starred in Teen Wolf and 2009's The Final Destination—has yet to talk to press about the allegations, which include an accusation that Sorbo intentionally lobbied directors (presumably South Beach’s Alejandro Itkin and Hunter Carson) for an extraneous sex scene between their characters after she refused his advances. Sorbo has yet to address the allegations directly, but did post a very boilerplate “Oh, so we’re just believing people when they say things?” comment on Twitter today.

[via The Daily Dot]

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