Although Kevin Smith declared that his hockey comedy Hit Somebody would offer the final statement on his filmmaking career, like any Kevin Smith statement, it will go on much, much longer than you’d normally expect. Smith confirmed at a screening over the weekend that Hit Somebody will actually be two films—one that details the childhood of a would-be professional hockey player, and one that follows his actual career in the league. The decision to split came about when Smith realized that Hit Somebody, based on a song Warren Zevon co-wrote with Mitch Albom, was way too much to cover in a single film—even if Zevon and Albom managed to fit it into six verses and two choruses. So rather than pitch it as an HBO series (which he also considered), Smith chose the two-parter route, thereby extending his farewell from directing for several more hours—depending, of course, on whether he also plans to attend screenings to explain the movie afterward. And of course, Smith recently posited those monologues as an inextricable part of his filmmaking, so in a philosophical sense, the movie will just go on and on for as long as he keeps talking. [Hour Community via /Film]