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Illustration for article titled Kevin Smith threatens that a third iClerks /imovie will still happen
Photo: Cindy Ord (Getty Images for AMC)

It’s been years since we heard about Kevin Smith’s plan to make a third Clerks movie, with the last word being that he had so much trouble getting production off the ground that Smith was thinking about just turning his script into a comic book. Since then, Smith has evidently dedicated his filmmaking time to his Jay And Silent Bob Reboot, but don’t think that the impulse to make Clerks III has gone away. On Instagram today, Smith revealed that he’s restarting production on Clerks III, but he won’t be going back to the initial script from a few years ago. Instead, he’s going to write an entirely new screenplay that he just started working on last night—which means it might still be awhile before we all get to enjoy another Kevin Smith movie about Kevin Smith stuff.


As noted by /Film, the new movie will star Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran once again, with Anderson apparently having been the big holdout. Now that he has given Smith his approval for whatever the Clerks III plan is, it’s time to get started on this whole thing again.

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