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Illustration for article titled Kevin Smith’s walrus-man movie also explicitly promoting marijuana

Congratulations, stoners of Los Angeles: You can now achieve your dreams of buying medical marijuana that promotes Kevin Smith’s new man-walrus horror-comedy. A Los Angeles-based medical marijuana dispensary has begun selling official Tusk-branded pot, suggesting that the movie’s tale of a man forcibly transformed into a mockery of his former self might be inspired by not just the bizarre want ad Smith read on one of his podcasts, but also the director’s own slow transformation into a series of jokes about Kevin Smith. Because in case you hadn’t been tipped off by him making a movie about Justin Long being surgically transformed into a walrus, Kevin Smith really, really likes weed.


The two Tusk-branded strainsMr. Tusk and White Walrusare temporary rebrandings of existing strains, and will be available at L.A.’s Buds & Roses dispensary through September 26. Tusk premiered recently at the Toronto International Film Festival, and will be released in theaters on September 19.

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