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Providing one of those rare special occasions to hear Kevin Smith talk, Hulu has enlisted the soon-to-be-retired filmmaker to do what he has always preferred, even while ostensibly making his own films: offering commentary on other people's movies via windy, excitable dialogue. Smith will host the new series Spoilers, a half-hour talk show that finds him taking a studio audience along to this summer's biggest films—"on opening day, none of this early bullshit, ain’t doing it like those critics, doing it legit," as Smith puts it in this Wired interview, in keeping with his oft-repeated-since-everyone-hated-Cop Out assertions that critics should have to pay for his movies if they're just going to be jerks who find fault with them.


"We don’t review movies, we revere movies," Smith elaborates of his "anti-movie review show," a self-described Donahue-style "gabfest" that will find Smith getting the opinions of 50 real movie fans—liberated from under the iron fist of the powerful film critic industry, and the Stalinist dogma of its mightily wielded opinions that have for too long totally directed the course of the American box office—then cramming all of their revere-iews into a 30-minute show that will also find room for still more chatting with celebrity guests, Jason Mewes acting out movie scenes, animated shorts (and jean shorts), and presumably a tangent or 12 from Smith. Finally, a film discussion forum that's unafraid to come right out and call something "awesome."

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