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From its whiz-bang tone to its retro gaming aesthetics to its cameos (Kevin Smith, Wil Wheaton), Max Reload And The Nether Blasters clearly knows its audience. Scott Conditt and Jeremy Tremp’s scrappy sci-fi indie drops later this summer, and today they’ve offered the first look at its cursed ColecoVision game.


That’s right: The only known copy of a ColecoVision title called Nether Dungeon unleashes an ancient, ghoul-heavy curse when a small-town game store clerk dusts off the cartridge, leaving him and his pals the only hope humanity has of not succumbing to an 8-bit apocalypse.

Greg Grunberg, a J.J. Abrams favorite you probably remember from Alias and the latest Star Wars sequels, helps lead the cast alongside Tom Plumley, Joey Morgan, and Hassie Harrison. Wheaton lends his voice to an animated portion of the film, while InsidiousLin Shaye and Cobra Kai’s Martin Kove will cameo alongside Smith.


Watch the trailer below.

Max Reload And The Nether Blasters will play in select theaters on August 7 before leaping onto VOD on August 11.

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