Pitched as “Pawn Stars for fanboys,” Kevin Smith is executive producing a reality show that will follow the day-to-day lives and naturally quippy, pop culture-referencing dialogues of employees and customers inside his New Jersey comic book store, The Secret Stash. News of the project first broke with this Facebook casting call, in which Smith noted that he was looking for “real people who live and breathe the comic book lifestyle." (So, in short, ragged bursts through their mouth? We kid!) And today Smith revealed on Twitter that he already had a network lined up to air the thing in AMC, an announcement that was later confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

As we recently noted, AMC is looking to build on the viewership afforded by its carefully selected drama series by moving into the world of reality shows—or “docu-stories,” as they prefer to call them—and hopefully giving them the same sort of tangential prestige as their other shows. If you didn’t make the regular cast, but you still want to be on the show, Smith is also looking for anyone either already in or willing to travel to Red Bank to sell and/or trade their comic book or movie memorabilia, then presumably have tense arguments with the staff about its worth on camera. And then you can tell people you did so on the same network as Mad Men!