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In a move that signals either an upward trend in Kevin Smith’s career or a downward trend in Johnny Depp’s, The Hollywood Reporter says that the two are teaming up for yet another movie based on one of Smith’s phonic farts. Depp has reportedly agreed to appear in Yoga Hosers, a movie spun off from a movie spun off from a podcast spun off from the fact that stoners will laugh at anything. Yoga Hosers is the tale of two Canadian convenience store clerks (surprise, surprise) charged with stopping an ancient evil using all “seven Chakras.”

But there’s more to this story, besides the fact that apparently great wealth and fame make it impossible to tell the difference between an idea everyone who is paid to hang out with you says is good and an actual good idea. The two leads in Yoga Hosers will be played by Depp’s 15-year-old daughter Lily-Rose Depp and Smith’s 15-year-old daughter Harley Quinn Smith. The girls reportedly went to school together, making this project also some sort of high school power play that will undoubtedly be the talk of homeroom, until Becky comes back from “camp” with a noticeably smaller nose.


Still, to Harley’s credit, who’s to say that if the offspring of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis were to sit next to one of us in math class, we wouldn’t also make our dad cast her in a movie in an attempt to get invited to her birthday party?

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