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Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes go to Hollywood again in the Jay And Silent Bob Reboot trailer

We’ll say this about the trailer for Jay And Silent Bob Reboot: Kevin Smith doesn’t seem to have lost his touch for making this exact kind of movie. If you ignore the fact that everyone looks a little older, this could easily be mistaken for a movie that Smith would’ve made in the early 2000s heyday of the “View Askewniverse.” It has pot jokes, it has Jason Mewes getting naked at the drop of a hat for some reason, it has meta jokes about “the old movie” being a piece of shit, and it has a bunch of celebrity cameos—including Chris Hemsworth, who wasn’t even a celebrity when the last movie came out.

Also, it’s not worth going to the trouble of unpacking the implications of Kevin Smith existing in the Jay And Silent Bob universe (don’t make us write out View Askewniverse a second time), but just be aware that we did consider it. Jay And Silent Bob Reboot comes out on October 15.


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