As soon as Brandon T. Jackson was established as the reluctant heir to Axel Foley in CBS’ Beverly Hills Cop, casting immediately turned to answering the question of who would play the younger Foley’s grumpy, disapproving foil, given that original series star John Ashton presumably long ago retired from acting to establish a banana republic in Papua New Guinea, ruthlessly controlling the world’s palm oil supply. (We don’t like to do research.) And according to The Hollywood Reporter, that role goes to Kevin Pollak—stand-up comic, Podmass perennial, and funny crime movie veteran—who will play Rodney Daloof, the unfortunately named in-house lawyer at the Beverly Hills Police Department where Aaron Foley goes to escape his dad’s legacy, rather than going literally anywhere else where he could do that.

Naturally, Pollak’s character is described as “incredibly risk-averse, a stickler for the rules and a loud-mouthed bully,” meaning he won’t like Foley’s slick, loose-cannon ways, not one bit, and therefore comedy conflict. As always, of course, we still await word on a part for Judge Reinhold, which could be the only thing that finally gets him to drop the flamethrower and abandon his cocaine-fueled war for control of John Ashton’s crops.