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Kevin James attempts the always-tricky sitcom wife swap

(Photo: Jeff Neumann/CBS)

When CBS announced yesterday that Kevin James’ old King Of Queens co-star, Leah Remini, was signing on as a regular on his latest sitcom, Kevin Can Wait, it seemed like little more than an exercise in comedic nostalgia. Now, though, it’s starting to sound like James is attempting to pull off some sort of elaborate TV comedy wife swap.

Variety reports today that Erinn Hayes, who played James’ wife on the first season of the CBS show, will be exiting the cast when it returns for a second year. Producers praised Hayes for her work on the series, saying they were simply moving in a different, presumably more Remini-filled direction. It’s not clear how Hayes’ character, Donna, will leave the show, although a sudden, between-seasons divorce would offer up hope to Marge Simpson and all the other beleaguered sitcom wives currently toiling on TV.


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