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Presumably because he’s just as close with Justin Bieber as Seth Rogen is with James Franco, Kevin Hart will dutifully serve as “Roast Master” in the upcoming Comedy Central Roast Of Justin Bieber. Hart has skyrocketed to Hollywood’s A-list by teaming up with a seemingly infinite number of stars for buddy comedies—Ice Cube, Josh Gad, Will Ferrell, and Dwayne Johnson included—but this may be his boldest pairing yet. The roast is scheduled to tape at Sony Studios on March 14 and premiere March 30 at 10 p.m. No word yet on who will join Hart in making light, good-natured jabs at this beloved pop singer’s life and career, but for his part, Bieber seems to be ready for the fun.

Last year, Hart discussed the intimate details of his and Bieber’s friendship with Ellen DeGeneres, essentially chalking up the young star’s remarkable string of poor decision-making to that old “boys will be boys” rationale. Bieber himself also had a recent heart to heart with Ellen about Justin Bieber’s misbehavior, so it seems like we’re all finally on the same page.


And yet, because one can never consume too many jokes about a spoiled star’s DUIs, reckless driving, vandalism, assaults, and general proclivity towards being a little shit, the Comedy Central Roast Of Justin Bieber will be a real television special that airs shortly after its subject’s 21st birthday. Here come the riotous, “Hope you enjoyed your first beer” wisecracks.

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