(Photo: Getty Images, David Livingston)

The History channel (formerly The History Channel) has just announced that Kevin Hart will be producing and starring in a two-hour event called The Black Man’s Guide To History. A press release describes it as “a look at lesser-known” and important stories from black history, all “filtered through the lens of Kevin Hart.” The narrative of the special will be kicked off by Hart’s daughter becoming upset after watching 12 Years A Slave and believing that black history is all about “slavery and oppression.” To make her feel better, Hart will lead her through re-enactments focusing on historical figures who don’t get the notoriety these days that they deserve, with the press release specifically mentioning Matthew Henson, Robert Smalls, Mae Jemison, and Henry “Box” Brown

In a statement, Hart says that he thinks The Black Man’s Guide To History is “an important program for our country right now,” and that he hopes people will “laugh and learn a bit too.” The special will air at some point this year.