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Kevin Hart to star in a Meet The Parents-esque superhero movie

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According to Deadline, Kevin Hart is going to star in and produce a superhero comedy movie from Detective Pikachu writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit called Night Wolf. Deadline says it’s a “high concept” pitch, though, and that high concept is that Night Wolf is about a man (Hart) who meets his future father-in-law for the first time and somehow figures out that he’s secretly a vigilante called Night Wolf. It’s also apparently a “big, broad comedy” that is “perfectly matched with Kevin’s comedic talent,” which presumably means there will be a lot of scenes where some cool guy does cool stuff and Kevin Hart screams and does things are not cool, which is a gag that he tends to hit pretty well in stuff like Jumanji and Ride Along.

In a statement, Hart says he “instantly fell in love with this pitch” and reiterates that it’s about “an everyday guy who is meeting his in-laws for the first time and unwittingly discovers his dad-to-be is secretly a superhero.” Yep, that is indeed what the movie is about. No other casting information has been announced, but casting the actual Night Wolf should be a fun opportunity for some cool older guy. (Or maybe it’ll just be the Mortal Kombat character Nightwolf? That would be interesting.)

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