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Illustration for article titled Kevin Hart suffered multiple spinal fractures in Labor Day crash
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images for Cinemacon)

Kevin Hart was involved in a major car crash on Labor Day, riding as a passenger in an old Plymouth Barracuda with two other people that somehow went off the road and ended up in a ditch. Now, TMZ has collected some new details on the crash, and it sounds like Hart’s injuries might be even more extensive than initial reports suggested. According to unnamed sources, naturally, Hart suffered multiple spinal fractures in the crash, and while an initial surgery to fuse two of them was a success, TMZ’s very dramatic report notes that he’s still “going through hell” and has been “heavily medicated” to deal with the pain. He is still expected to make a full recovery, but it could take “several weeks—if not months,” so it stands to reason that some of us upcoming projects will probably be impacted (though nothing has been officially announced).


Meanwhile, TMZ’s search for any, you know, TMZ-friendly angles to the crash has apparently come up empty: The site’s sources say that Hart had spent the day with his wife at home, and he and the other two people in the car had not been on a “wild night out on the town at a bar or restaurant” before the crash. The driver, Jared Black, apparently suffered similar injuries to Hart, but his current condition has not been confirmed.

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