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Kevin Hart’s shitty rapper alter ego is releasing an album

Following in the footsteps of Garth Brooks’ old buddy Chris Gaines—or at least Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel—comedian and movie star Kevin Hart has announced that he’s about to release a new rap album in the persona of his hip hop alter-ego Chocolate Droppa. According to Billboard, Hart/Droppa has been signed by Motown, and will be releasing a full, as-yet-untitled album in the fall.

For those of you unfamiliar with the self-styled “freestyle battle specialist,” the joke is that he’s not actually very good at rapping. (Sample lyrics: “I got bedbugs and bananas and biscuits/Got a bitch looking at me like she’s eating bedsheets and Triscuits.”) Hart’s been doing the character for at least six years now, though, battling against people like T-Pain and Lil Wayne, and even appearing as the character on a 2015 episode of SNL.


Of course, your tolerance for faux-bad rapping from the star of Ride Along probably varies (and may or may not reach “full-length album” status, even as a joke). But hey, it’s not like Hart doesn’t have plenty of friends in the hip hop world, opening the door for some decent music and production to underlie all the “pop pops” and repeated lines about the iPhone 6.

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