Screenshot: Peppermint (STX Films)

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where the promos run and the teasers wash our tears away. (We’ll be okay.) Today, we’ve got Tiffany Haddish kicking the crap out of Kevin Hart, Jennifer Garner killing the shit out of everybody, and a hockey-playing alcoholic werewolf cop, so let’s dive in.

First up: The latest trailer for Haddish and Hart’s Night School, which sees the former playing the G.E.D. instructor trying to whip the latter into shape. On the surface, that sounds like a thankless straight man role, but given that Haddish is one of the rising comedy talents in the Hollywood ecosystem at the moment, she seems to be having plenty of her own fun, knocking Hart around whenever he screws up.

Next up: Peppermint, a new parental vengeance thriller courtesy of Taken director Pierre Morel. The somberly violent trailer shows off star Jennifer Garner, stretching her old Alias chops to take horrific vengeance on a system that allowed the men who killed her husband and daughter to go without justice. And while, sure, that’s basically the premise of any number of Punisher stories you might care to name, it’s still entertaining to watch Garner transform from suburban mom to full-on killing machine.


Finally, we’ve got a bit of classic comedy-horror kitsch, courtesy of the trailer for violent werewolf sequel Another WolfCop. Following in the pawprints of 2014's Wolfcop (duh), the trailer sees anti-heroic lycanthrope police officer Lou Garou (get it?!) drink, murder people, and, owing to the general rules of all werewolf movies, get extremely good at sports. Also, Kevin Smith is in there somewhere, in case you needed another reason to check out Another Wolfcop when it arrives on home video tomorrow.