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Today, Bloomberg published a lengthy story on the development and future of Disney+, and while there’s some interesting stuff in there for the real streamer-heads who care about how their streaming sausage gets made, there’s also something in it for the rest of us. Specifically, Bloomberg talked to Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige about the Marvel shows that will be coming to Disney+, and he offered a particularly harrowing tease for anyone who really values the time they spend not keeping track of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apparently, Wandavision and Loki will directly tie in with the Doctor Strange sequel In The Multiverse Of Madness, so Feige says you’ll “probably need a Disney+ subscription” if you want to “understand everything in future Marvel movies.”

WandaVision will be some kind of weirdo romance about Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany’s android-man Vision, and at the very least it’ll be interesting to see how the show works around the fact that Thanos killed Vision in Avengers: Infinity War. Speaking of, Loki was also killed by Thanos in that movie, but we learned back at Comic-Con that the version of him that will be kicking around in his Disney+ show will be the Loki from the past who snuck away with an Infinity Stone during the chaos the Avengers caused during their Time Heist in Endgame. So, you’ll probably have to have seen those movies to understand those shows, and you’ll have to see the shows in order to understand Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Fun!


Feige also gave a little tidbit of information about Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye show, which is apparently going to feature Hailee Steinfeld as fan-favorite comic book character Kate Bishop. In the Bloomberg piece, Feige mentions that Marvel had initially made a deal with Renner for him to star in a solo movie about Hawkeye, but as the Disney+ plans started coming together, Feige decided it would work better as a series. To Feige’s apparent surprise, Renner “totally got it” and was on board with the change, simply saying “let’s do it.” Now, based on Feige’s other comment, it seems like we’ll also probably have to pay attention to the Hawkeye show if we want to understand what’s going on in some future Marvel movie.

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