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The Marvel and DC Comics based movies may have their differences—in tone, color palette, overall enjoyment—but according to Kevin Feige, there’s no such feud brewing behind the scenes. During a Facebook Live Q&A with AlloCiné, the MCU chief denied any rivalry among the filmmakers, insisting that a win for one is a win for all. In fact, he and Geoff Johns, who runs the DC Extended Universe, are basically Super Friends.

There’s not really a rivalry. The rivalry is much more amongst the press, I think. Geoff Johns is a very good friend of mine. We grew up together in the business and recently celebrated Richard Donner, who we both used to work for. So, I applaud all the success he’s had. I really just look at it as a fan. When the movies perform well and are well received, it’s good for us—which is why I’m always rooting for them.


Feige is so supportive that he lauded Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, going on to discuss how the film’s success bolsters confidence in more woman-led superhero projects, not that there was ever any reason to doubt them:

The success of Wonder Woman is wonderful. It makes us incredibly happy. Finally, we can put to rest the falsehood that audiences don’t want to see female characters. We never believed that was true. There were a run of movies that just weren’t very good 10-15 years ago that caused that reputation. I’m glad that Wonder Woman has blown that away.


And while that all sounds very warm and fuzzy for the most part, it’s worth noting that DC moved forward with a Wonder Woman spin-off after just three entries in the larger franchise, while Marvel fans will have to tide themselves over with Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Carol Danvers battling it out in Infinity War before Captain Marvel’s solo flight in 2019.

Feige also discussed adding more R-rated movies to the MCU, which he says are “not out of the question, but not something we’re working on right now.”


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