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One of the recurring themes in the Marvel movies has been that authority figures cannot and should not be trusted. They’re all either working for Hydra and are secretly evil, or they’re so blinded by their own desire for power that they refuse to accept the importance of the Avengers and their superhero pals. Well, today, Marvel promoted Marvel Studios boss to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel itself, putting him in charge of all film and TV projects and putting the “overall creative direction of Marvel’s storytelling and content creation platforms” in his hands (according to Deadline). Also, as part of this, the Marvel TV branch and the animation studio Marvel Family Entertainment will be taken over by Feige’s Marvel Studios.


In other words, Feige is now even more of an authority figure than he was before, so does that mean he’s secretly Hydra or is he so obsessed with his own power that he wants to destroy the Avengers? We can pretty safely say that it’s not the latter, since Feige clearly loves the Avengers as characters and has enjoyed countless career successes thanks to the Avengers movies (he was recently named Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, after all), which means he’s definitely working for Hydra and is trying to take over the world. That’s bad, but also the Marvel movies are fun, so maybe we can just ignore that for now? We should be worried if he starts endorsing political candidates, but at least he has a famously contentious relationship with Marvel chairman (and noted Trumper) Ike Perlmutter.

Speaking of, a Marvel reorganization a few years ago put Feige and Marvel Studios under Disney’s supervision instead of Perlmutter’s, giving him effectively zero influence over the films, so putting more of the company under Feige’s control means there’s even less for Perlmutter to fuck up now.

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