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Kevin Bacon will star in Fox's serial-killer drama

Kevin Williamson’s upcoming Fox series about a serial killer who uses social networking to recruit a Manson Family-like cult has found a very apropos star in Kevin Bacon, the actor who served to link our nation by varying degrees until finally relieved of his duties by Facebook. The as-yet-untitled show will find the 53-year-old Bacon playing a “retired FBI profiler,” suggesting his character either retired after a particularly tragic incident, or he’s just lazy, because come on, 53 is way too young to be retired. What did you buy with your 401(k)—dinner? Anyway, Bacon has only committed to 15 episodes rather than the standard 22, thereby adopting the cable-influenced tighter season model that Fox recently said it was interested in exploring, and also allowing Bacon to continue to prompt moviegoers to say, “What? I didn’t know Kevin Bacon was in this” during his usual four or five films a year.


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