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It’s not the celebrities who are going to get us out of this crisis, but we’ve gotta give it up for a famous person who is using their platform to encourage people to do the right thing: Kevin Bacon has posted a video on his social feeds that ties the whole “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon” thing with social-distancing and… what do you call the nice version of public shaming? Public encouraging? Either way, he’s doing that.


The premise of his challenge is that, just like how he’s connected to everybody in Hollywood by six degrees of separation, we’re all connected to someone else we care about in these coronavirus times. He says we should stay at home in order to help prevent these people from getting sick, so as a form of public encouraging, he wants everyone to post videos or photos saying who they care about enough to stay home for and then tag six other people who should do the same. Bacon’s pick for #IStayHomeFor is his wife Kyra Sedgwick, which is nice, but it does seem kind of weird that famous people often refer to their similarly famous spouses by their full name.

[via Deadline]

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