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Kevin Bacon to play yet another villain in R.I.P.D.

Having apparently taken “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon” as some sort of challenge, Kevin Bacon continues to approach Christopher-Walken-in-the-’90s levels of ubiquity with the number of roles he accepts, most recently joining the comic-book series adaptation R.I.P.D. The project has long been attached to Ryan Reynolds—whose similar agreeability and suitably utilitarian acting could lead to his own parlor game someday, so that’s something to shoot for—and most recently snapped up Jeff Bridges, with the two playing a cop and grizzled old gunslinger, respectively, partnered up to police the afterlife. Bacon is in negotiations to play the villain, a role he’s assumed more and more often lately in movies like Super, X-Men: First Class, and this weekend’s Crazy Stupid Love, and that’s just this year. There is probably a joke here to be made about how everything is better with Bacon, but there is also such a thing as too much Bacon—like the woman who recently beat her grandson and sprayed him in the face with a garden hose for eating too much bacon. I guess what I’m saying is, in this scenario, the film industry is the grandson, I’m the scolding grandmother, and this blog post is a blast to the face with a garden hose.


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