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Kevin Bacon is a man possessed when you take the music out of Footloose

1984’s Footloose featured a young Kevin Bacon gyrating his way both into changing a town’s attitude toward dancing and into the hearts of audiences everywhere. In one of the film’s most infamous scenes, an angry Bacon rage-dances his heart out in order to vent all of his pent up frustration in one long sequence set inside an empty warehouse. He flips, cartwheels, jumps a lot, and does this weird popping thing with his knees, all to the tune of “Never” by Moving Pictures. But what happens when the music is removed and only Bacon’s dance moves remain?

That is the question answered by Mix Minus who removed the song and put in “real audio” of noises that Bacon would be making inside that warehouse. The scene goes from an admittedly weird but sweet act of teenage dancing rebellion to a sequence of spastic freakouts by a person either possessed or possibly pursued by a large number of bees. It’s a hilarious continuation of Mix Minus’ approach to showing how the right soundtrack makes all of the difference.

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