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Kevin Bacon gabs about graboids in an excellent new Tremors documentary

Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon in Tremors
Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon in Tremors
Screenshot: Universal Pictures

My career was really close to ending,” Kevin Bacon says in a new documentary about 1990's Tremors, a movie that bombed so hard at the box office that it’s a wonder it didn’t sink his career (thank Flatliners for again allowing it to flourish). Still, Bacon clearly sees Tremors as an important part of his filmography, and not just it’s become a cult classic over the past three decades.

The documentary, directed by Matthew Snead for Universal Pictures, highlights the struggles and joys of creating the horror-comedy, emphasizing the camaraderie of its cast and crew in addition to the practical wonders of its creature effects. Bacon and Michael “Burt Gummer” Gross lend their voices alongside director Ron Underwood, writers S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, and creature designer Alec Gillis. Topics include the script’s seven rewrites, the arduous location scouting, and the design team’s efforts to not make the graboid’s look like giant dongs.


Watch the 30-minute deep dive below.

The Tremors franchise welcomes its seventh film later this month with Tremors: Shrieker Island, which finds Gross’ gun-happy Gummer taking on a rich playboy who wants to hunt graboids on his island resort. A few years back, Bacon tried to launch a Tremors TV, but it sadly didn’t make it past the pilot stage.

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