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Kevin Bacon developing country-club comedy for HBO, home of the idle rich

Tired of having nothing to do at the Emmys besides offer supportive smiles at Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon is now also eyeing a jump to series television with an HBO single-camera comedy based on Clint McCown’s 1995 novel The Member-Guest. Bacon will executive produce and likely star in the show, which revolves around a country club where a burned-out golf pro longs for his PGA comeback but finds his ambitions thwarted by the various interrelated dramas of the club’s members, and are we sure this is Kevin Bacon we’re talking about and not Kevin Costner? We’ve read that sentence three times and there’s some sort of mental block with the words “burned-out golf pro” that makes it next to impossible to imagine anything besides Kevin Costner’s neck yearning to break free from its Nautica polo prison, but maybe that’s just us. Anyway, Deadline swears that it’s Kevin Bacon, so we’ll have to take their word for it.  Bacon will team up with writer-producer Steve Pink, who has experience dealing with developmentally arrested men in High Fidelity, as well as developmentally arrested men with way too much money in Entourage.


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