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Keurig wants to make a Keurig for beer

Photo: Sergi Alexander/Getty Images For SOBEWFF

Want to brew your own beer but lack the talent, passion, money, and resources? Good news, drunks! CNN reports that Keurig is teaming up with Anheuser-Busch InBev to make push-button brewing a reality.

They already have the means: Though its Keurig Kold at-home soda machine tanked after just 10 months of production, the company can apparently use its technology to churn out “beer, spirits, cocktails, and mixers,” according to a press release. The intention, presumably, is for the machine to function as its own type of beer tap. It’s not a bad idea, and having Anheuser-Busch InBev involved could be Keurig’s secret weapon, especially considering SodaStream is already selling its own at-home beer brewer, the SodaStream Beer Bar, in Europe.


Keurig doesn’t even have a prototype at the moment, but it’ll probably want to get on that, with sales of its signature single-cup coffee makers steadily declining and its stock price dropping a whopping 70 percent in just a single year. Otherwise, we’ll soon be toasting Keurig’s memory over a cold, frosty glass of Sodastream home brew.

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