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Kesha wrote a song about Nicolas Goddamn Cage

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A fun thought experiment: Pick any Kesha song (excluding ballads) and sing the lyrics to yourself in your head. Stop at the point it could no longer apply to Nicolas Cage. (“Hot and dangerous, if you’re one of us then roll with us, ‘cause we make the hipsters fall in love when we’ve got our hot pants on and up, and yes of course we does, we running this town just like a club, and no, you don’t wanna mess with us, got Jesus on my necklace-ace-ace,” and then arrive at the chorus of “We R Who We R” and we’re out.)


That’s especially true of Kesha’s latest song which is, yes, about Nicolas Cage.

It’s not a single from High Road, her solid, self-assured fifth studio album. It’s just a very special treat.

This is somehow both an unexpected pairing and the perfect marriage of artist and subject. The song links together titles of and references to Cage’s films (and life) and makes them a celebration of being more extra than extra (or, in Kesha’s words, being “on some Nicolas Cage shit.”) It even includes a sample of Cage’s voice (from 2010's Kick-Ass).

We have but two complaints. First, it’s only 60 seconds long (or rather, it’s.... Gone In 60 Seconds. Kesha, you mad genius.) Second, there’s not nearly enough Mandy in there. Kesha, have you seen Mandy? We have a feeling you’d love it.

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