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The latest development in Kesha’s ongoing legal battle with Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald is no more promising for her than any of the previous rulings. If you need a quick refresher: Kesha’s suing Gottwald and Sony in order to be let out of her contract, which currently puts her in the unenviable position of making music with the man she says abused her—emotionally, sexually, and psychologically—for years. Injunctions have been denied and a slew of emails released since the suit(s) began, but Kesha’s lawyers were still hoping a judge would allow them to file an amended complaint that still seeks to get her released from the contract. Kesha’s legal team has also argued that holding up production on her third album is a breach of contract on Gottwald’s part.

But according to Variety, a judge has just rejected the Warrior singer’s motion to file the amended complaint. The publication notes this is the same judge who denied Kesha’s injunction last year, and who now says that Kesha’s the one who’s “failed to fulfill her obligations” to Sony. The judge has also taken into account over $1 million in royalties that Kesha apparently has to pay Gottwald, because up until this point, this whole thing’s been a cake walk for her.


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