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Kesha’s got a podcast about ghosts

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DISCLAIMER: For a certain type of person, the article you’re about to read carries with it a very real health risk. Please, please exercise caution when smashing the “subscribe” button on your podcast platform of choice. The temptation to throw caution to the wind and absolutely slam your finger down on that button may be great, but please, think of how much harder it is going to be to play Among Us on your phone if you’ve sprained something in your hand. So proceed into the following article at your own risk.


Kesha has a new podcast, and it is about ghosts. (Oh no, did you hurt yourself? Just us? Okay.)

Actually, that’s a slightly limited description of Kesha And The Creepies, the singer/songwriter’s new podcast about, well, creepies. EW reports that the podcast will see the noted Nicolas Cage aficionado interview pop-culture figures about “their supernatural experiences, the occult, unexplained mysteries, urban legends, psychedelic art, spirituality, astrology, and much more.” Her first guest is Alice Cooper; future slated guests include “rapper Trippie Redd, reality TV personality Tyler Henry, and comedian Whitney Cummings.”

We are generally in favor of Kesha’s cultural output (her most recent album, for example), particularly when it doesn’t also benefit Dr. Luke. We are also generally in favor of conversations about ghosts. And we are most certainly in favor of those little metal bendy casts you can kind of clip onto your fingers, because wow, this hurts.

The first episode arrives November 20.

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