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Back in October, we reported that Kesha was suing her longtime producer, Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, for physically and verbally assaulting her while the two worked together over the last 10 years. Kesha claimed that Dr. Luke forced her to snort unknown drugs, gave her “sober pills” that knocked her out, “forced himself” on her, and repeatedly insulted her appearance—ultimately leading to Kesha’s struggle with bulimia. Dr. Luke responded to the allegations with a countersuit, arguing that Kesha was simply trying to get out of her recording contract through an elaborate extortion scheme.

The countersuit hasn’t scared Kesha, though. In fact, it seems to have done the opposite: According to The Hollywood Reporter, she has now amended her lawsuit against Dr. Luke to also include Sony Music as a defendant. Kesha’s revised argument is that in Sony’s desperation to find more “pop sensations,” it made a “substantial investment” in Dr. Luke’s supposed knack for manufacturing superstars. Because of this, Sony chose to remain willfully ignorant about what Dr. Luke was doing to women like Kesha—i.e., putting them “in physical danger”—and it either “failed to take any corrective action, or actively concealed Dr. Luke’s abuse.” Kesha’s suit also blames Sony for allowing Dr. Luke to continue harming her music career by not doing anything about him, or his lawsuit against her.


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