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Less that two weeks after making an appearance with Russian-born DJ Zedd onstage at Coachella, Kesha is once again making the news—but for her music this time. The duo has collaborated on a new single, “True Colors,” which they’ve been teasing all week and marks Kesha’s first time back in the studio in the wake of her ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit against Sony, the record label she claims was complicit in her ongoing sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of her former producer Dr. Luke. This is Kesha’s first single since she was featured on Pitbull’s 2013 song “Timber,” way back when she still had the dollar sign in her name.

The song—which was supposed to be released tomorrow, but is out early because that’s just how things go these days—is called “True Colors.” And while it isn’t a Cyndi Lauper cover, it is a reworking of an existing song, also called “True Colors,” from Zedd’s 2015 album of the same name. That version featured vocals from Rock Mafia’s Tim James, but this one is all Kesha, who belts out emotional lyrics like, “I won’t apologize/for the fire in my eyes/Let me show you my/my true colors” over what sounds like a more bombastic version of the original song’s mellow electronic pop sound.


And in case you’re wondering, Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records did give permission for the song to be released. How generous of them.

You can hear the song, embedded via Rolling Stone, below.

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