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Kerry Washington will host Saturday Night Live, fixing another scandal

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Temporarily solving the show’s inability to have any black female characters, Kerry Washington has been announced as the host of Saturday Night Live’s Nov. 2 episode alongside Eminem, as he makes his sixth musical appearance. Although it’s news that seems conveniently timed to smooth over yesterday’s Internet furor about the lack of black female stars and hosts—with Washington once again stepping in as a "fixer" for someone mired in controversy—Washington was obviously booked well in advance of the flare-up. Plus, there’s no denying that she’s earned the gig by garnering a lot of attention lately, what with her recent appearance on The Daily Show and the fact that, every Thursday, Twitter is approximately 60 percent live-tweets about Scandal. And now SNL can finally spoof that show—along with as many other things concerning black females as they can cram into 90 minutes—without begging Kenan Thompson or Jay Pharoah to put on a dress.

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