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Deadline reports that yet another Shondaland series is in the works at ABC. No, it’s not the nun drama, or Romeo And Juliet update, or that show with Mireille Enos—those were in last week’s batch. Okay, so those developments actually occurred over a few months, but we’re pretty sure ABC’s going to have to give up the ghost soon and rename itself Shondaland, or at least add a “care of” to its letterhead.


The untitled dramedy will be written by Bess Wohl, who’s appeared in Bones and CSI: NY. It will focus on some “interconnected” families and their nannies, and will be executive produced by Scandal’s Kerry Washington, Katie Lowes, and Adam Shapiro (whom you might know better as Dr. Metzger). The trio will take what they’ve learned about crisis management and politics to oversee a show about raising kids, paying someone to raise your kids, and getting paid to raise someone else’s kids. We imagine there will be just as much (if not more) wine involved as the average Scandal “debriefing.”

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