So far most of the casting news surrounding Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained has focused on the actors who have signed on for some all-American racism. But today Tarantino has found the actress who will be the cause of all that slave-torturin’ fussin’ and fightin’: It’s Kerry Washington, known for her roles in movies like Ray and The Last King Of Scotland (if not her series of L’Oreal ads), who will play Broomhilda, the “long-suffering slave wife” whose prolonged, often-naked torment at the hands of Leonardo DiCaprio and his coterie of whip-wielding white guys spurs the titular character’s violent quest for revenge. The role is also a reunion of sorts, with Washington once again playing the wife to star Jamie Foxx, just like she did in Ray. Of course, there were slightly fewer machine guns and rape scenes in Ray. And alas, the addition of Washington likely brings an end to Django Unchained casting reports, which has become a miniature showbiz news industry unto itself as it sustained us through a good portion of the summer and on into the fall. See everyone at the farewell picnic. Dogs are welcome, but please don’t bring your kids. We’re all looking to have a good time and we’re not a bunch of goddamn babysitters, okay?