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Kerry Washington and Kate Hudson join current wife vs. ex-wife thriller

According to Deadline, Kerry Washington and Kate Hudson have signed on to Amma Asante’s Unforgettable, a thriller about a woman being threatened by her husband’s ex-wife. Christina Hodson—the writer behind the “female-centric” sci-fi movie that Tobey Maguire is producing—is taking care of the script, which would be more useful information if we actually had any idea what that movie will be about. We also don’t know anything about Unforgettable, either, beyond this casting and the basic premise, but we think that’s enough to at least predict which woman will be playing the current wife, and which will be the scary ex-wife. Based on no scientific research whatsoever, we figure that Kate Hudson almost always plays villains, so she’s perfect for the ex-wife. Meanwhile, Kerry Washington is Olivia fucking Pope, so she has to be the protagonist. Unless, of course, we’re interpreting the premise wrong and the scary ex-wife is actually the hero. Either way, watch out for Kate Hudson.


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