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Illustration for article titled Kerri Kenney and Jack Davenport join Sarah Silverman’s HBO show

Smash escapee Jack Davenport and Reno 911! alum Kerri Kenney have signed on to the cast of Sarah Silverman’s new HBO show, the still-untitled one which stars Silverman as Jude, “a pathologically honest woman having a modern midlife crisis.” Subtly hinting at what might be a theme, Kenney will be playing Jude’s sister Melissa, described as someone “holding the family together, with no idea her home is built on lies.” This despite the fact that lies make for terrible foundation material, and often lead to hurt feelings, broken relationships, and code violations from the building inspector.


Davenport, who had a supporting role in the recent Kingsman: The Secret Service as a spya.k.a. a filthy, patriotic liarwill be playing Blake, a “broken Brit” who ends up in a relationship with Jude, despite getting “caught up in his own virtual reality in Seattle.” As residents of the Emerald City know, that’s a terrible but common nuisance of living in The City Of Goodwill, lousy as it is with all those pesky personal virtual realities. Lucy Prebble, creator of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, will write the pilot, which will hopefully feature language even more evocative than the stuff in these haunting, lyrical press releases.

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