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Illustration for article titled Kenya Barris developing animated Netflix show based on upcoming Kid Cudi album
Photo: Michael Hicke (Getty Images)

Netflix is really getting into visual things based on audible things, huh? We just had Paul Thomas Anderson and Thom Yorke’s ANIMA, and yesterday we reported that Sturgill Simpson and some of the people behind Batman Ninja are making an anime movie for later this year based on Simpson’s new album. Now, we can add Kid Cudi and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris to that list, with Deadline reporting that they’re working with How To Make It In America creator Ian Edelman on an “adult animated music series” for Netflix called Entergalactic that will be based on Cudi’s upcoming album of the same name.


Edelman will co-write the show with Cudi, with the Deadline story saying that the album is about “a young man on his journey to discover love.” The adult animated music series will presumably be about the same thing. On Twitter, Cudi said that the show will be available next year.

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