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Kenny Loggins wants to mess with perfection by redoing "Danger Zone"

Photo: Michael Ochs Archives (Getty Images)

Suggesting that he, himself, might be rocketing recklessly forward into some kind of “zone of danger,” Kenny Loggins has said he intends to record a new version of “Danger Zone” for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick. This is per TMZ, which caught up to Loggins in an airport (fitting!) to talk about his potential return to the franchise, for which he once penned one of the most ludicrously successful soundtrack singles of 1986.

Loggins is apparently game for it, noting that he ran into Tom Cruise on The Tonight Show recently, complete with promises to have him involved in the sequel production in some way. He played coy about what the new “Danger Zone” might sound like, though, noting only that he wants to record it with someone (or someones) young and male, and that he’ll apparently try to follow their lead on what it’ll actually sound like.


At the risk of talking down to Kenny Fucking Loggins, we gotta ask: Sir, are you out of your god damn mind? Nobody wants a repeat of the Fallout Boy “Ghostbusters” debacle of 2016, especially if it involves, like, Macklemore rapping over what was already one of the most perfectly crafted musical adrenaline delivery systems ever fed through a Yamaha synthesizer. With all due respect, K-Logg: Snap out of it, bud.

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